yes, that seems like a really good idea…

It all seemed to just start as small talk, passing the time at our sons football training session.

“How’s the running going?” my friend asked. “Ok” I replied, ‘and you?’.

The topic of conversation should have stopped there, it was just small talk, I should have known better. There was no need to discover or share our individual goals of athletic greatness for the next year, but there we were discussing what seemed to be a good idea. A challenge that neither of us had gone anywhere close to before, and a challenge that, ultimately, I was saying ‘yes’ to being part of, and probably not yet realising just how hard it was going to be.

And so began the thinking and the training to run a 24 hour race in which we’d try to cover 100 miles. If it was going to be easy there’d be nothing to write about… so, here’s how it going so far.


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