Guilty pleasure

Tapering, It’s a love, hate thing. The guilt of not running so many miles, balancing out the pleasure of an easy week running. It’s one of those times that is usually forced upon me before a race, the reward to my body for running all those hard miles just before I embark upon the big day.

But wait, this time it was different… this time I was tapering for a… holiday!?!

So, mad as it may seem, I was enjoying my guilty pleasure before hanging up the running shoes and saying goodbye to the road, and swopping them for snowboard boots and backcountry powder for the week.

Maybe I could consider it cross training, it was going to be hell of a work out whatever happened, or justify a week of not running another way? It wasn’t going to be good for my overall training plan, but it was going to be good for the soul. And at that moment, it’s what was needed.

Plus, it was training at altitude!


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