It’s snow joke

Whilst taking a break from my ultra training and enjoying some time on my snowboard on some of the best back country snow that the French Alps had to offer last week, I stumbled upon a hidden rock. Or rather my knee cap found it first, followed by the full force of my body.

The day had started so well with numerous runs down the mountain surrounded by untracked snow which sparkled in the sun, which pushed us on to find new untracked ground, and finally after shimmy-ing along a narrow ledge behind my guide, and watching him stumble and fall, I followed suit and got up close and personal with the afore mentioned rock. It took a good moment to process the pain, but everything still seemed to work, and there was a 300 meter drop into a huge powder field waiting for me.

I made it off the mountain by myself that day, but my knee was probably 5 times the size it should have been. The knee still worked without pain (somehow?) unless I wanted to bend it all the way back or keep it totally straight. I couldn’t help thinking to myself, and slightly panicking about what it would be like to run on, if in fact I could still run!

After numerous ibuprofen and many more days snowboarding, the swelling reduced enough to be able to feel the rather large and strange dent in my patella from the rock impact. So, with less than 3 weeks to go before I should be heading out on a ’46 mile warm up’ race, I’m sat in the hospital waiting for an x-ray and mri scan. Oh joy!


2 thoughts on “It’s snow joke

    • Hey, thanks for reading and the good wishes… I’m not sure it’s going to be a totally painless recovery, but at least it’ll be a recovery 🙂

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