I know you’ve got soul…

if you didn’t you wouldn’t be in here. And so the words of Bobby Byrd continued round and round in my head as I checked in at SoulCycle last Sunday morning.


It was my first time indoor cycling, and having heard so many great things about it, this seemed like the best way to spend a jet lagged, and slightly hung-over morning in New York.

Being a first timer, I feared I’d need stabilisers, but once the friendly staff got me set up and clipped in I was ready to take on the World, well, TriBeCa anyway.

And so the fitness party started, and boy was it a party, with a great mash up of Madonna and Bowie to start. I’d heard so much about the themed music classes, like ‘Justin v Britney’, that I was initially disappointed not to be in one of them, but from the start, I knew this class was going to have a good musical vibe.

Although after about 10 minutes (of just the warm up), I wasn’t feeling that ‘vibe’ quite so much, and I wanted to die. My ‘enthusiastic, must squeeze some exercise in to my work trip’ self, had somewhat over done things on the resistance and tempo, and 10 minutes out of the saddle was leaving me to wonder if I was going to make it through the next 35 minutes! Well, at least I was at the back of the class, I thought, and if I fall in a heap hopefully no one would notice!

So on we went, with the lights down low, and the music up high. We powered through what felt like dancing on a bike, to a sound track that covered a whole lot of genres. I’d certainly not expected the Spice Girls to make a musical appearance at my work out, but vocally they got me through the no handed lifts, presses and double seat taps. Thanks girls 🙂

And as our instructor danced around the room, turning up resistance on our bikes, whilst breaking out in to the odd set of press ups, I began to understood why this could become addictive. Often called a ‘cult’, the scented, darkened room, with only the spotlight on the mantra talking instructor, certainly let’s you feel like you’ve achieved and balanced yourself come the end.

And then as quickly as it started, we were done.

It’s certainly not cheap, but as it was my first time, I got a lovely introductory rate. I can see being a regular could be a bit of a financial commitment, but on instructor performance alone for me it was worth it. And boy, post class do those guys like to keep in touch! It’s in a good way, (I think at the moment), but being 6,000 miles away now, I’m starting to miss it and trying to work out when I can take my next trip to NYC and get my soul fix!


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