Running as therapy

My mother said I could run before I could walk.

And I guess I’ve not stopped running since. Freud might say I’ve been running away from something all my life, and it’s maybe that I started running at such a young age to try and escape early child hood trauma, and maybe even today I still need to run to try to escape.

More recently I’ve started running longer and longer, looking for that escape and time for reflection. In all honesty I’ve not handled the challenges of the last few years well, made some bad choices and lost a lot of people who I cared about. Then one day I found myself sat in a therapist chair trying to make sense of it all, and it took me a while to work out that perhaps more running, and not more therapy sessions was what I needed. Continue reading


Green Man Ultra


MORE MUD and now a stream! I couldn’t believe it, less than 20 minutes in to a long days running and the lower half of me looked like I’d jumped into a lake of chocolate… if only it was chocolate, ummm chocolate!

So, the day had finally come to compete in my first Ultra Marathon. And when I say ‘compete’ I mean more like ‘survive’ the 46 miles, mostly through very wet muddy fields. But it was a nice day for it, and Bristol was looking pretty in the sunshine. Continue reading

cross training (like, really cross)

I could only assume that the water coming out of the shower head had been heated on the surface of the sun and piped directly to my shower cubicle in the leisure centre changing rooms this morning. Hardly the relaxing finish to the morning’s swimming training session I thought, as I danced in and out of the stream of water trying to get the shower gel out of my hair. The previous 40 minutes had been spent splashing up and down a 25 meter pool, covering 1 mile in a slightly less than Olympic pace, but it was a good work out and I just couldn’t do the roads today. But that shower, grrrrr